AI Photoshoot I/O

Learn how to configure input and output to use AI Photoshoot API.


The AI Photoshoot Endpoint allows you to turn simple product photos into beautiful visual assets. In just a few seconds, you can get up to 4 options and select the images that work best for you.

The generated images have a size of 1024×1024 pixels. You can further improve their resolution and quality using our Image Editing API, see the Resizing and Upscale sections for more info.


Only one product image can be processed per request.


Configuring output is optional. By default, you may omit the output option from the request payload. In this case, our system stores the result in a temporary bucket with a lifespan of 24 hours and provides a public URL to the image.

Alternatively, you can use a connected Cloud Storage: just configure the path to the folder where you want to store results.

Output image file types

The following image formats are supported for the output: JPEG, PNG, WEBP, and AVIF.

Basic and advanced output options

You may also specify advanced output, like number of images to generate, image format, and format-specific options like PNG compression level, JPEG quality, or using JPEG progressive display type.

    "output": "storage://storage-name/result-path/image-name.jpg"

See the full list of the advanced format-specific options at Image I/O for more info.

Number of images

With AI Photoshoot API, you can generate up to 4 images with one request.

Every generated image charges 1 credit.

Setting number_of_images to 4 will charge 4 credits per request.

The number_of_images option defaults to 4.

    "output": {
        "number_of_images": 2

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