Image Generation Options

Learn how to control the quality and speed of image generation.

Number of images

With our image generation API, you can generate up to 4 images with one request.

    "options": {
        "number_of_images": 4

Every generated image charges 1 credit. So, setting number_of_images to 4 will charge 4 credits per request.

Guidance scale

The guidance scale controls how closely the generated images match your prompt. You may adjust this scale to gain more control over the output.

Values between 5 and 7 usually provide good results, but a value of 12 may offer greater precision.

Note that adjusting this scale may affect image quality and diversity.

    "options": {
        "guidance_scale": 5.0

Possible values

ParameterTypeRangeDefault value



1 - 4




1.0 - 49.99


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