Google Cloud Storage

How to add GCS external storage

  1. Go to Storages dashboard page and click "Connect your storage"

  2. Select "Google Cloud" Storage type

3. Fill in the options for the Google Cloud Storage. The parameters are:

  • Access Key: The Interoperable access key for your project.

  • Secret: The secret key of the GCS credentials.

  • Bucket: The name of the bucket containing the images which you want to process with Claid API.

  • Storage name: storage identifier which will be used in image URL when creating image processing request.

  • Path (optional): The Google Storage prefix(folder) under which images are stored. This prefix is prepended to the image path before accessing the image in GCS storage. By default the path is /.

4. Click "Add storage" button. Your storage is now ready to accept requests.

How to create a keypair in Google Cloud Console

  1. To create the access key and secret, go to the Settings page in your console and click the Interoperability tab.

  2. Choose the project you want to connect to Claid from the dropdown.

  3. Under "Interoperable storage access keys", click Create a new key.

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