The Claid API uses API keys via Bearer Auth for API authentication with the following format: Authorization: Bearer {YOUR_API_KEY}.

To get your API key, sign in to your Claid account and click Create API key button from the Overview or API keys pages.

Once API key is generated, you can either copy it or download it as a txt file.

Make sure to save the API key in a safe place, as it has certain privileges and is only visible on the Claid dashboard once, at the time of creation.

API key usage

Authentication to the API is performed via Bearer Authentication:

Authorization: Bearer {YOUR_API_KEY}

Permission scopes

Each API key can have permissions to perform Storage, Image editing or both types of operations with Admin permission scope.

Scopes can be assigned to API key from the Claid dashboard at the creation time or later, via API keysEdit key page.

It’s always better to create API keys with minimal permissions scopes necessary for your use case.

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